Tuesday, July 29, 2003

World Transhumanists Conference held at Yale this past June. Personally I'm not sure if I wanna be a cyborg if it means they're gonna lop off my dick and weld in a slinky. And I'm pretty sure Buttons would have something to say about the whole deal.

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British police on Tuesday arrested a woman in connection with the murder of a boy whose mutilated torso was found in a river, a case which has prompted an extended probe into a suspected ritual killing, officers said.

Jesus, God. According to NPR (the list may only be for today), there was a potion in the stomach of the murdered boy that contained bone fragments and gold. A link seems to exist between the boy's reamains and ritualized African black magic.

Someone needs to hit the reset button on this Godforsaken planet.

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Coupla random Stamford spots, and more reasons that I NEED a digi:

Yesterday, walking up Atlantic to the bank on the corner, saw the crazy crossdresser again. Only seen him a couple of times, but try to picture a skinny, ghostly pale hunched fifty-something man with long black hair and a drooping moustache wearing a black dress printed with red roses, silver haircombs set at right angles to his head so as to resemble the wings on comic book Thor's helmet, and a pair of white keds, carrying a cream-colored purse. First off, none of the shit matches. Secondly, the utter paleness of all that dude's exposed skin is actually startling enough that you don't notice the dress at first. No offense to a fellow human being who's just working his shit out, but yuck.

Second, today, sitting in the park, drunk dude in a NY State Lottery t-shirt and meshback sitting on one of the benches set along Bedford Street, yelling at any cute young chick that walked by (on my side of the park, a block away on Prospect), blasting lounge lizard soulless soul from a cheapjack boom box and capping his afternoon frolic by taking a whiz on a bush in full sight of, well, me and pretty much everybody else.

Stamford's one classy-ass town.

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Those living near the plant were told not to worry if they hear explosions.

For security and safety reasons, access to the plants was severely limited, Entergy said, and the media was asked to stay away.

Which is to say, right now toy soldiers are running around NY State's largest and most precariously placed nuclear plant shooting at each other with laser guns. The media is being told to back off. They'll be doing this 'till Friday. Exploding things. In a nuclear power plant complex. And I think I live just inside the 50-mile "danger zone".

I wonder if I'll glow a pretty green for a few days or if I'll just puke up my teeth and intestines right away. Hmm. We'll see.

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KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- Afghans who have never seen a film before will get their chance this summer, courtesy of a French-organized network of mobile cinemas now traveling across the war-shattered nation, a United Nations spokesman said.

Well, that should just fix every goddamned thing, shouldn't it?

Didn't Jr. promise the Afghanis like hospitals and roads and food? Did he say something about Frenchmen with movies?

I musta missed that in the state of the union address.

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But while Mr. Bush's poll numbers have fallen back to prewar levels, he hasn't suffered a Blair-like collapse. Why?

One answer, surely, is the kid-gloves treatment Mr. Bush has always received from the news media, a treatment that became downright fawning after Sept. 11. There was a reason Mr. Blair's people made such a furious attack on the ever-skeptical BBC.

My father sends me Paul Krugman editorials that say the same things I've been saying for months. Thank you Paul, for being on the mark. Now, please, get your ass outta first gear, wouldja?

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Monday, July 21, 2003

This may not be a just world, but we seem to have found one just state. New Rome's gotten its ass shut down.

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Saturday, July 19, 2003

Police yesterday were searching for a man who escaped in the nude from a King County sheriff's deputy and dashed out of Harborview Medical Center, then apparently broke into a nearby apartment and stole some clothes.

This, of course, occurs in Seattle, where I'm moving in T -29 days. What happened in New England today?

A consignment of thousands of rubber ducks is expected to wash up any day on the coast of New England - after more than a decade at sea.

Naked guy ducking the cops on the left coast; ducks, period, on the east. Not even ducks. We're waiting for ducks. We're wretched.

Hey, where's Gas Works Park, anyway?

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Yo, Santa-

Screw the goggles. I want me one of these fer Xmas:

This whacko makes 'em. Mebbe you should get me two.

Thanks Santa!

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Friday, July 18, 2003

Dear Santa,

As a technogeist-wannabe, I'm requesting the following items for my Xmas list:

One 'o these wireless wrist PDA things.

Which go nicely with these here HUD shades with digicam, earbud and mic.

Or watch movies while I'm walking down the street with these.

There are, of course, a whole host of laptops, cellphones, futurephones, digicams & 'corders, WiFi devices, etc. that would go nicely with my new life as a wired-up cyberchild of the new millenium, but none would be so perfect as a, say, flying car. Please see below for details on where you can get your hands on one.

I promise I'll be a very good kid and have Buttons leave you butterscotch cookies under the tree.

Thanks, Santa!


Billyhank :):(

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Ah, here they are.

The Moller Skycar. You can pick one up here for just about a million.

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MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Borrowing from technology for tracking pets, a U.S. company on Thursday launched Mexican sales of microchips that can be implanted under a person's skin and used to confirm health history and identity.

Damn, we're so close to living in the future. Where the fuck're the flying cars?

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Man uses cell phone to ask police to stop chasing him.

Yes, I know it's stupid, and the guy was drunk off his ass, but tell me you wouldn't give just about anything to hear those 911 tapes.

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Dockers recently came out with a new brand of pants, the Go Khakis, which promise to keep your legs stain-free using revolutionary nanotechnology.

We couldn't help thinking that Dockers might be using the word "nanotechnology" more for marketing muscle than for true scientific purposes, so we called its customer service line to ask a few pointed questions. Here's a slice of the conversation.

Y'know, I'm not sure if I should be annoyed with Levi's for wrongly throwing around terms like 'nanotechnology' to sell some fucking khakis, or impressed with us in the general populace for being smart enough to know enough about nanotech for it to be an effective marketing ploy. Any thoughts?

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A body matching the description of Dr David Kelly - the weapons expert at the centre of the Iraq dossier row - has been found at a beauty spot close to his home in Oxfordshire.

On Tuesday he told the Foreign Affairs select committee he had spoken to BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan but denied he was the main source for a story about claims that a dossier on Iraq had been "sexed up".

I swear to God, they're doing all this shit all over the place now, and so openly as to be disbelieved, but somehow, they're still in charge? When the hell is the revolution?

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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Oh, sweet Jesus. This may well be the finest reason to hate corporate rock yet. Metallica can lick my nuts, the rotten wankers.

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Seriously, is this not one of the creepiest things you've ever seen?

These people are raising 16,000 chickens somewhere in Delaware, and it's not the 4 legs that surprised them, it's the fact that it was alive. Please, someone try to tell me that animals are raised in anything approaching a humane way. I've gotta get off eggs. That shit's just sick.

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Dudes, how cool would it be to go on a wooly mammoth ride?

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A hint of a deliberate campaign to connect Iraq with the September 11 attacks and al-Qaeda surfaced last month in a televised interview of General Wesley Clark on the popular public-affairs program Meet the Press. In answer to a question, Clark asserted, "There was a concerted effort during the fall of 2001, starting immediately after September 11, to pin September 11 and the terrorism problem on Saddam Hussein.

"It came from the White House, it came from other people around the White House. It came from all over. I got a call on September 11. I was on CNN, and I got a call at my home saying, 'You got to say this is connected. This is state-sponsored terrorism. This has to be connected to Saddam Hussein

Y'know, it doesn't even begin to surprise me that this crap is going on. What's killing me, however, is that it's going on, people are talking about it, nobody's really surprised, but somehow the little fucker's still in office.

Will someone explain this to me, please?

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Monday, July 14, 2003

I may have to get this. I love just how messed up people are.

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Goddamn motherfuckin' sonuvabitch. Read the 2nd paragraph: "...CIA Director George Tenet had struck a similar but more narrowly focused assertion from a Bush speech in Cincinnati three months earlier."

You bastards you bastards you bastards. Stop playing legos with my fucking country. If the CIA tells you once that a statement is bullshit, it's not going to un-bullshit itself over the course of a few months. Interesting assertions heard on the radio over the weekend, that Bush is exhibiting the behavior of a 'dry drunk', simplistic worldview & obssesive thought patterns, indicating someone who, really, doesn't need to be wrecked to be that irresponsible.

Jesus, God. What have we gotten ourselves into?

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Sunday, July 13, 2003

This is old news, but I wanted to make sure that I got it down before I forgot it entirely. Snagged from Warren's site, thanks, and pretty much denies Tenet's claims that Bush's state of the union lie was the CIA's fault. Either the crew currently in the White House are a bunch of inveterate fuckups or Bush deliberately lied to the world, figuring that he wouldn't get caught out (a common thought on Jr's part). Whichever, really, let's just clear house, hold a new election and get on with the useful business of being grownups over here, in the most powerful nation on the fucking planet.

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Saturday, July 12, 2003

New look for the site. Dunno. Might be too monochrome, but I wanted somewhere for links. We'll see.

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Fucking with Photoshop. This could be fun...

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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Just looking to get one in under the wire. Out drinking w/school pals tonight. Nice and easy and fun. Read Luanne & Terry's words, was given an insight to their lives that I'm not sure I'm comfortable with. Not sure I can share as much, or if they'd even want me to. @ the bar, telling stories about skinhead fights @ Nightengales & almost @ the Chopping Block, got dropped jaws and big eyes. Fun, but telling. I sometimes feel bigger than my pals. Not in a good way, but it's there.

Out. Sleep well, all.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

In New Canaan today, saw a black squirrel running across the road. Its fur was shiny, looking more like chinchilla than squirrel, like exclusive little Fairfield County towns have to have their own special critters, critters that are prettier and more exotic than the plebian creatures that live down the road.

Delivering meds for a pharmacy this afternoon (why I was in New Canaan), ended up at Silver Hills (a rehab that looks like a small liberal arts college more than anything else), looking at all these calm, washed-out people sitting on steps and benches, sitting in front of the tv, sitting on the lawns, soaking up the heat and talking with family. A guy in massive need of a shave wearing jogging shorts and a plain white t-shirt wanted to give me a credit card # to set up an account with the pharmacy I was delivering for, trying to sound nonchalant while sounding utterly desperate. Both I and the staffer standing next to me started shaking our heads. Sad.

Not, however as sad as the kid on Lambert Rd., who snatched the bag out of my hand with a terse little "Thank you". He was standing behind his (I'm assuming) father, white bathrobe and red-rimmed eyes, blonde prep-school cut and two days of beard. Tearing open the bag in the foyer of a house the size of a hotel. I could just about feel the seismic vibrations sent out from his shaking hands. The father all exectutive grin, thanking me once, twice, thrice.

All about the desperation. Rich, poor, whatever.

Sad bastards.

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Monday, July 07, 2003


Newcastle Brown ICE CREAM.

This may well be the best of all possible worlds...

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Something I found scrawled on a scrap paper on my clipboard, regarding the job:

There's equality issues involved. You're on an even footing w/security guys + janitors + receptioinists. You wear a uniform, you're part of the infrastructure. You're not a wheel but you're greasing the wheels; you're dumping graphite on the cogs. You're a bit of analog code running through a binary world. You're old school. You're paper and ink. You're information, + for all of that, you're anonymous.

Edited, a bit, for clarity. I think it sums this gig up (emotionally) pretty damned well. Doesn't really give a solid impression of rush hour on I-95, though.

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Michael Savage gets the axe for wishing AIDS on a caller.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You stupid motherfucker. All that's left is a week-long binge that ends up with you in a rented Jag slowly floating to the bottom of the bay. Why don't you get started on that, you wretched blob of shit.

I'll be by later to piss on your grave.


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Sunday, July 06, 2003

For Buttons: News stories about monkeys.

Also: Ali Davis, an interesting and funny woman who's telling interesting and funny (and horrifying) stories about renting out porn movies.

Very tired tonight, children, and school starts up again tomorrow. Yay. Must do laundry and attempt to mentally prepare myself. Letcha know how it goes.

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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Oh, Lordy. To Protect & Serve, indeed. How can anyone look at this and not believe that cops, as a breed, are decidedly more assholish, corrupted and generally psychotic than 99.9% of the populations they keep "safe"?

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Hmmm. This is very cool. The Incans rock...

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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Is there anyone cooler than Johnny Cash?

(image ripped from USA Today. Thanks, fellas)

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Oh, yeah. Pretty sure I saw a UFO over Westchester today. If anybody knows anything about that, drop me a line, wouldja?

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Ho, Christ. 12 hours solid in the car. Final package was a dropoff @ Pratt & Whitney, scared the living hell out of the guy which didn't even come close to making it worth it. Flaked out w/Buttons on the phone, which isn't gonna do much for the relationship. Hey, baby. Smile fer yer angry boy, right?


That's my baby.

Yeah, so a day and a day at least. Getting me set up in my head to not give two shits about leaving. How could I not be psyched to kick myself outta this overpopulated semi-urban rich bitch hellhole? Seriously...to be ensconsed in an urban setting, but to live with a view of foliage, too many people, but without the need to fight them for road space, a whole new set of plazas and parks and shops and odd little spots to ferret out and explore, a thousand new places I can bring a notebook and a novel, benches and lawns and walls just laid out right, waiting for me to descend and bless them with my presence, a place that I can get on with the seriously fun job of living.

Wish my stupid friend was along for the ride.

Ah, well.

Out, and beat all to shit. Have a good night, kidlins.

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