Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hundreds showed up at Wisconsin Conservation Congress meetings around Wisconsin on Monday, many to voice their opinion on a proposal to allow hunting of free-roaming cats.

Outdoor enthusiasts gathered for spring hearings in every county to vote on hunting and fishing. The results get forwarded to the state Natural Resources Board. The proposal was one of several dozen part on the agenda of the annual meeting.

About 2,000 showed up in Dane County at the Alliant Center. Cat hunt opponents said that hunting cats is not going to fix any problems with declining song bird populations.

"Although feral cats may contribute (to) the problem, the destruction and loss of habitat is far and away the primary reason for the loss of song birds, gamebirds and other birds," one opponent said.

Supporters of a cat hunt said that current programs to control cat populations are not working.



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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Also, on the SIN CITY front, I'm thinking that Basin City is supposed to be in New Jersey. The movie's got two really clear shots of an I-287 interstate information sign, and all the info I'm finding on I-287 shows it existing only in Westchester County, NY and running throught middle of Jersey (also going on personal memory here; I-287 was an often-used road in travel throughout the Tri-state area during the messenger days).

Anyway, yeah, so I figure that if you're gonna put it anywhere, stick the fucker in Jersey. Really, who the hell's gonna complain?

Also, this is possibly the funniest review of the movie, if you're someone who liked it. From the way, WAY Christian point of view. A clip:

Perhaps more disturbing than the violence is the line of thought that undergirds this movie, that each man is utterly alone and therefore pitted against the rest of society. That is the lie of Romantic individualism. The Bible tells us that we are all part of the body of Christ and, by extension that we should exist in communities. As adopted sons of God, we are not individuals in the Romantic sense, but actual members of a family network. The dangerous individualism of SIN CITY teaches us that we cannot trust any man, which results in the amorality and paranoid violence exhibited in the movie.

It's a rare movie review that attempts to both tell us about the flick and proselytize in the same breath. God love those screeching, nail-biting Christians. Endless fun for us agnostics in the room.


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Me heart Marv

Yeah, okay, just got back from SIN CITY, and, my friends, it's nearly as good as I could've hoped. Some stilted dialog and, honestly, they could've ripped out about half the voiceovers without hurting anything, but, fuck, it IS Sin City, just with pictures moving across the screen instead of static panels in your hand. Remarkable, and, hopefully, a harbinger of well-done and faithful adaptations of graphic novels.

Yeah, not much of a review, but, hell, reviews are just to give you an excuse to not leave the house. Go see it, if you love comic books or Mickey Rourke or crazy levels of utterly surreal violence. And get down on your knees and thank Robert Rodriguez for making the movie that will, God willing, finally get the big guns to make GOOD adaptations of such standouts as The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, Sandman, Transmetropolitan, etc.

Nice going, Bobby. Ronin, anyone?

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