Saturday, July 24, 2004

Oh, yeah...MikE!, Lisa...Congratulations!

Doin' the devil's bidness, I see....

If I come back East, do I get to be an uncle?

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Also, constant readers will notice a new name for this...thing, in tribute to FEAR AND LOATHING ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL, '72.  Dr. Thompson's prose has tickled me, and I have to admit that I absolutely dig the idea of a million-pound shithammer.  Especially one falling on Hubert Humphrey...

Dunno how long it'll last.  'till something else tickles me, I suppose.

Jesus, God, it's hot.  Where the fuck's my drink?

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Friday, July 23, 2004

Billyhank on the most crowded 74 ever.  40,000 13-year-old girls on their way back from Seattle Center.  Seriously, it was like a goddamned refugee camp slowing rolling through the U District.  Why does this shit occur on my bus, huh?

Good fuck it's hot.  Send ice, tonic water & vodka, pronto.


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Sunday, July 18, 2004

So, this is kinda odd.  And more than slightly narcissistic, so skip this one if you don't really know me and don't really care to.
It's been so fucking hot here that I ended up shaving my head yesterday afternoon, after sweating my ass off doing laundry.  Yeah, if you're sweating off your ass from laundry, you've gotta do whatever you can to regain to thermal equalibrium, right?  So, yeah, I dig out the clippers, find my #1 sled, and dig in.
Now, I've been growing my hair for the last few months, as consistent visitors know, but I shaved my head for, no kidding , TEN YEARS previous to that.  A decade of naught but stubble upon my melon.  You'd think, right, that the image I had of myself would be predicated on that shorn look, right?
I haven't been able to look at myself straight in the mirror since I took it all off.  I dunno what it is, but my head looks so little now.  Seriously, like softball size.  And in case you're wondering, that's a really shitty look.  But, I have to admit, it's a hell of a lot more comfortable.  If only I didn't look like such a goddamned freak now...
It seems to me that there should be some deep thought in here, somewhere, some interesting reflection on the transitory nature of self-image, of how quickly we can forget who we were and focus entirely on who we are, but even as I type that I know it's bullshit, 'cause the rememberance of self-image and self-perception is one of those things that makes us blush throughout our entire lives.  Right, Elbows?
So it's odd that my new hair became the root (heh heh) of my self-image so damned quickly, and it's making me wonder if the hair wasn't forming the self-image that I have now, but if the hair was just completing the self-image I've had for years, and seemed right just because that's how I always thought of myself. 
Dunno.  Although, I did notice that I was beginning, with the hair up top and the soulpatch-on-steroids down below, to look a bit like Constant.
Well, again, if you know me, you know Constant.  For the rest of you: 


Here's a really bad rendition of him, done in Paint. 

I never claimed to be an artist, kids.

Right.  I'm sure there's something significant to be gathered here, but it's too hot and too late and I'm, potentially, too fucking old to be perceptive about myself, so I'm for outs.  Have a good'n, y'all and I'll talk to you soon.


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Spotted @ the QFC in Wedgwood yesterday, while getting quarters for laundry:


The pic is typical photoshopped phonecam quality, so lemme 'splain what you're seeing.  Picture, if you will, a grandma, somewhere in the 75-to-1,000 range, wig of shimmering white nylon, cardigan sweater to ward off the chill of the 80-plus-degree outside, feeding her change into one of those bills-for-coin machines.  Okay, you've got the pic, right?  Right, okay, now add in the 3" stack heels, the opaque white stockings, and the leopard print miniskirt. 


A grandma looking for some action at the supermarket, I'm thinking.  Getting some folding money and heading for the produce section, thinking up clever lines about squeezing melons and what the cucumbers remind her of. 

Seriously, a very jarring sight at 9 a.m.  I pretty much sprinted for the laundromat after that one.


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File under FER FUCK'S SAKE:
Jack Black has closed his deal. He will be playing Green Lantern in a film that has been described as a “zany comedy version a la THE MASK.” All rights to the DC comic have been worked out as well, so you can expect to start hearing more about this project in the months ahead.
Thank you so much, DC Comics, for selling out yet one more of your properties.  Because, really, Batman's rubber nipples weren't quite enough to destroy whatever dignity DC's classic superheros had left.
I swear, if I hear anything about Robin Williams playing Spider Jerusalem, I'm heading to NYC with a rocket launcher and a stick up my ass. 

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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Dunno where this came from:

But I just found it in my uploaded phone pics and kinda like it, so here it is.  Lake Washington, I think, taken from a park off the Gilman trail up around Bothell.  I seem to recall taking a ride up there a couple of weeks ago, so I'd have to guess that's what this is.
Or just some random shit.  Dunno, really.

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Here's a good quote from Transmet:

"Journalism is for the madly passionate.  It's for the intense and the  half-fucking-mad and the people who give a shit."

I always wanted to hang this up on the wall at the Voice, but the graphics arts folks were already shooting funny looks towards our corner of the lab, so, fuck it.  regrettably, most of the kids on staff didn't seem to get the power that words had, the sheer impact a little bit of truth could make. 

And the sad thing is, it seems like the pro journalists have given up on that one as well, have toned down truth to keep from offending the Power, to keep their advertisers happy, to keep from getting cut out of invitations to the conventions and the press rooms.

Why the hell are people so worried about telling the truth?  We don't tell the truth unless it's couched in fiction or off on the sidelines, being screamed out by people without much of a voice.

It seems hip these days for Big Media to tip their hats to the bloggers, a patronizing, grudging acceptance that real people have a powerful venue and sharp minds, and are capable of spreading information, rumor, and opinion as thoroughly as any other print media, and almost as thoroughly as television.  Seriously, those of you reading this, do you trust CNN, FOX & MSNBC to talk straight to you, or do you get at least part of your news from WONKETTE, FARK, SLASHDOT & BOINGBOING?

Let's face it: the Net is pretty much nothing but information & porn.  And porn, as fun as it might be at first, gets boring pretty goddamned quick.  But information never gets dull, does it?  The more we find out, the more we want to know.  We never stop.  We're meatbag question-asking machines.  Knowledge, if you'll pardon me, is power.  And we might just be on the cusp of a society that has as much, nearly, information as the people who run us.

Just so long as we care.  And ask questions.  And are willing to face up to the shit we don't want to hear.



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Friday, July 16, 2004

Another piece of asphalt art's been installed up the block from work:

The NE corner of Westlake & Thomas for this one.  Shot came out pretty good as well, I think.  I've found that using the phonecam in bright sunlight (which is mostly what we've had in Jet City for the last couple of weeks) kinda sucks, as the screen that you're using as viewfinder tends to wash out pretty easily.  Tell me how cool it would be if you could look through an actual viewfinder in one of these things, like actually frame a shot, zoom, focus, etc.  I had a Boba Fett doll that did that, when I was a kid.  It was one of the biguns.

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Sunday, July 11, 2004

A group of antiwar advocates is accusing Clear Channel Communications, one of the nation's largest media companies, with close ties to national Republicans, of preventing the group from displaying a Times Square billboard critical of the war in Iraq.

The billboard - an image of a red, white and blue bomb with the words "Democracy Is Best Taught by Example, Not by War" - was supposed to go up next month, the antiwar group said, and it was to be in place when Republicans from across the country gathered in New York City to nominate President Bush for a second term.

...But they said Spectacolor began balking after company officials saw the ad that included the image of the bomb. The group then sent a second ad, which replaced the bomb with a red, white and blue dove accompanied by the same words, but Mr. Wolfson said that too was also rejected.

A lawyer for Project Billboard, Doug Curtis, said that at one point Clear Channel suggested that the group use a less provocative billboard ad: one with the image of a little girl waving a flag accompanied by the words, "Democracy is best taught by example." Mr. Curtis said that earlier this month, a vice president for marketing for Spectacolor and Clear Channel, Barry Kula, sent the group an e-mail message that said, in part, "We hope you will appreciate that New York City has endured a horrific attack and businesses in this area that serve a wide array of clientele are extremely sensitive to references to war."

Sorry for the long blurb ('specially you, MikE!). What's the limit on Fair Use? Just posting in case, y'know, you thought that the media companies who feed you have any intention of letting the non-rich-white-guy opinion be heard.

Yup. Good old capitalism. Long may she squash the truth...

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From the TIMES:

"This was absolutely unintentional," said Nicole de Lara, spokeswoman for the Florida secretary of state, Glenda E. Hood, an appointee of Gov. Jeb Bush, the president's brother. "The matching criteria were approved by several interested parties in the lawsuit, and the court. I don't know how it got by all those people without anyone noticing."

This is a good one. They're talking about the "felon's list," which is to say, the list of folks who've committed a felony and aren't allowed to vote in the fine, fine state of Floor-ee-duh. Apparently, of the 48,000 people on the list, 22,000 were Black, but, somehow, in the land of Little Havana, only 61 were Hispanic. And, by some eerie coincidence, Black folks tend to vote Democrat, and Hispanic folks tend to go Republican.

Intruiging, no?

Yeah, it's gonna be a fuckarow, all right. The shenanigans are endless. Keep an eye on the good media, kids (assuming you can really find any). Don't let the fuckers take away any more of your country than they already have.

Or, I suppose I should ask, do you really care?

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This is the wall that Ariel built, right on Palestinian land. Is it just me, or does this seem like society is taking about three giant steps backwards every day the biggest, bulliest country in the world throws its support to the most psychotic?

Ah. Y'know, who woulda thought, back during the Crusades, that Judiasm and Christianity could've got along so well? Throw in a few Moslems and all those "Your Messiah ain't nothin' but a Prophet" smacktalk goes right out the fucking window, right?

Okay, okay. The Crusades were pretty much Christianity vs. Islam. The Jews were pretty much scattered to the four winds until WWII, but, still, Godammit, uh...shit. Hadda point. Oh, yeah. Building a wall is just fucking asinine. Next thing y'know, they'll be calling the whole country the "He-Man Woman-Haters Club."

Right. I'm out. Apologies to my Jewish pals, but, seriously, those Israeli dudes are just fucking nuts. Anybody with me?

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