Friday, December 31, 2004

Just in from the deck, shivering my ass off while I finished off THE DARK TOWER. Goddamn. Nice work, Mr. King. This CR, at least, is mightily satisfied.

Y'know, I've given King any amount of shit about his later writing (the Dark Tower books specifically) in the last few years, especially since The Chin started reading him and I had someone to argue merit with, but this last one, the wrap-up of the entire work it seems, vindicates any amount of glumped together shitty prose and apparently unedited tedium. Again, Goddamn.

Anyway, not a whole lot to say that wouldn't sound sillier than the above. Nice job, Mr. King. A good ending, despite your own objections. And while you might talk retirement, homeboy, it's a pretty empty threat when you hint at a new book while charging through the last third of your magnum opus. We know you, King. We know you better than you think we do. Sometimes we love you, sometimes we hate you, sometimes we throw up our hands and wonder where the fuck you went wrong, but in the end we know that no matter how much you might claim to be done, fella...you've got at least one more story to tell. And one more, and one more and one more.

I, for one, am looking forward to the back story of the Tet Corporation. Anybody with me?

Out, for the nonce. If I don't make it back in, y'all have a kickass New Year's, and I'll talk at you soon...

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