Monday, February 27, 2006

One product that has always been missing from food storage has been real CHEESE. It's true that, if you have a wine cellar, you can buy a waxed reel (or is it wheel?) of cheese and store it (= age it) for years. That's a bit expensive and unwieldy, but if you are wealthy enough to own a wine cellar, you probably can afford a 25 lb reel/wheel of cheese . . . and won't mind throwing about half of it away as it molds after you cut it open.

For those of us of more modest means, we now have real Kraft® Cheddar Cheese. In a can. Its technical name is "Pasteurized Processed Cheddar Cheese Product." It's that name you have to give it because it wasn't "naturally" produced by a Wisconsin cheesemaster. It's a legal thing. From the ingredients and from the TASTE, you'll believe it's honest-to-God real, Wisconsin-made cheese! It's just plain delicious.

Holy Cow. By far the FUNNIEST right-wing, God-fearing, conspiracy-sniffing, terrorist-fearing (btw, the Allah folks are apparently in league with Communist China...you heard it here first!) and jingoistic online survivalist foodstuffs supplier ever. Ever, ever, ever. I highly suggest that you click on over and spend a little time perusing and perhaps pick yourself up a 4-year supply of dehydrated food (only $2,999.90 + shipping).

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