Sunday, September 10, 2006

Because at this point they're not even bothering to lie to you:

President Bush would have ordered an invasion of Iraq even if the CIA had told him that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction, Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday.

Here's your analogy: You marry this guy and it seems like it's all sweetness and light and then one day he comes home smelling like someone else's perfume and you ask about it and he decides to pound the shit out of you. And then there's the "I'm sorry honey, didn't mean it, love you like none other" speech and you decide to believe him, but just barely. And then a while later he comes home with lipstick on his collar and a pair of panties in his pocket and you start to say something but by the time you've gotten your first accusation out you're on the kitchen floor, getting kicked in the ribs and your guy is telling you that you can either take it or he'll go upstairs and stab the kids while they sleep. So, yeah, you put up with it and then you come home one day and he's getting a hooker blowjob in the living room and you just look away and shuffle off to get the laundry folded before he cums all over the place and you have to clean it up.

Okay, clunky, but yeah...isn't the country kinda feeling like that these days?

Bah, motherfuckers.

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