Sunday, September 28, 2008

For anyone who might still be paying attention, working on something new. I've gotta ask, though: is it reasonable to write a sequel to something that was never written in the first place?

Hope so. Got this old, old story in my head and it's just too deeply entrenched and juvenile and horribly personal to ever make it to the page, but for the last little while (oh, like, five years or so...) the next part of the story has been compiling in my head. And it's got some homecoming stuff and there's some Christmas in there and some reunion and a little bit of antagonist fuck-you that appeals to me.

Dunno. Hand-wrote a few pages tonight and it'll probably come to nothing, but it was nice to have even that.

Managed to finish a book tonight, which is what triggered it, I think (Stardust by Neil Gaiman. S'okay. Nothing to write home about). I read so little these days - Mostly thanks to Jack, who insists on wanting to rip to pieces anything I happen to have in my hands - that when I do manage to slug down some words it refires what little passion I've got for my own writing. A novel before 40? Nah. But at least one, at some point. I think that's still in the cards.

So, how's everyone doing?


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