Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Little lunchtime blogging today. File this one under: AND WE VOTED THE BASTARD IN, ANYWAY:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. force that scoured Iraq for weapons of mass destruction has abandoned its long and fruitless hunt and is assisting in the more immediate task of counter-insurgency efforts, U.S. officials said on Wednesday.

President Bush and other U.S. officials cited the grave threat posed by Iraq's chemical and biological weapons and Baghdad's efforts to acquire a nuclear arms capability as a central justification for the March 2003 invasion of Iraq. No such weapons have been found.

The 1,700-strong Iraq Survey Group, responsible for the hunt, last month wrapped up physical searches for weapons of mass destruction, and its mission is now refocused on gathering information to help U.S. forces in Iraq win a bloody guerrilla war, officials said.

Y'know, I'm wondering just how good the planning was on this thing. Seriously, no jokes. Okay, yeah, it's obvious that there was never a plan for holding the country together after ousting Saddam, but it seems like the plan for holding the oil fields was in place before anything else, and while that's not going hugely well, it's doing much better than the "self-governing" thing that's been paid lip service, and little else, since Baghdad fell.

So, yeah, Bush rolls in, knocks the pins out from under whatever peace there is in there, knowing full well that it'll lead to a native & foreign insurgency that will quickly and effectively get people to forget about the originally stated reasons for going into Iraq (WMD in every cupboard, barn, turkey farm and Toyota in Iraq) and get them concerned about the American troops (primarily), 'Coalition' troops (secondarily...way secondarily) and Iraqi civilians and officials (maybe thirdly, but I'm thinking that most people are more concerned about journalists, oil and what they got for Xmas than what's happening to Iraq's civ population) that are getting killed on a daily basis.

So, end result is that Jr. gets his war, his pals get their oil, his other pals get to scare the rest of the world and all it cost was some tiny fraction of the army in boxes or hospital beds, a buncha dead Muslims (which, realy, is okay, 'cause they're all with Allah now, right?) and the integrity of the US.

I'm starting to think that maybe pinning the 'Bad Planning' tag on this whole thing is just what the bastards were hoping for...

No shit bro. My thoughts exactly. We'll talk more about it tomorrow. \m/ \m/
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