Thursday, November 06, 2008

So, yeah, keep on going back to check up on the FReepers, because, shit, I dunno. The trainwreck of the whole conservative thought process, I suppose.

There's one guy -- DarthVader by his handle -- who tags his signature line with Liberal Democrats are the party of EVIL whose time of judgment has come.

Evil? Liberal Dems? C'mon.

I'm perfectly happy to admit that a fundie consie "Christian" will consider a great deal of lib thought (sex for fun, tolerance of non-Christian groups, questioning FoxNews) to be immoral. That's fine. Libs tend to consider consies immoral as well (or, at least, astoundingly hypocritical for secretly doing the same kinds of things that Libs do more openly). S'fine, right? Immorality is highly subjective and it's pretty easy to be immoral in someone else's eyes.

But evil is a whole other kettle of fish, right? Evil crosses party lines. Evil is rape, is murder, is fucking with the weak and the powerless for fun. At its most basic, evil is a complete lack of empathy for other human beings. And no matter how much you might despise the party you're not a party to, can you truly say that they're evil? Callow, cowardly, assholes, bastards, brainless drooling troglodytes, unbelievable fucktards...but evil?

So, yeah, I read this DarthVader guy's rants and I'm thinking a couple of things:

1. He's calling himself Darth Vader fer Chrissakes. That makes him a bit of a basement-dwelling nerd to start off with. Secondly, 'Darth Vader' is pidgeon Dutch for 'Dark Father', a bit of foreshadowing for multi-lingual Star Wars fans that also puts Vader firmly in the bad guy column. And, really, pretty friggin' evil, right? We all saw him strangle that poor Death Star officer.

2. He's a guy who's posting a LOT of stuff about what God wants for the country, and about the ministries he's associated with, about "Prayer Warriors"...but then talks about how Obama is dead wrong for the country, how he's going to get everyone killed in terrorist attacks, and how God has turned his back on America. Now, if you're truly faithful, and you've prayed your little heart out for the 'right' candidate to get into office and that doesn't even come close to happening, isn't there every chance that you were demanding that God agree with you, rather than you agreeing with God?

And there's more but I'm done with this. I can't read any more posts. The FReepers make me sad. Little, angry people without power, without a voice, without much self-respect or true courage. People who decided however long ago that their little interpretation of the world was the only one that could possibly be right, and can't even begin to engage a critical thought process. And the thing that really bugs me is that I've gotta share a country with these idiots, and they think I should be jailed or hung or exiled for not believing in their little idea of God.

Bah. Sloppy post. Sorry. Bah, bah, bah.


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