Thursday, May 06, 2004

I posted to the Beastie Boys forum the other day under the header, What the fuck are those little assholes thinking? (yeah, eloquent as all fucking hell, no?) and while most of the responses were "suck my cock, faggot" flamewar-igniters, there was this one that's just cracking me up. I kinda both hate & love how the net kids are essentially rewiring the English language. Ch-check it out:

man ive been listin to b boys since day one and thats all that matters i could care less if they were gay black asain what ever or if they sold there songs to movies crap man just listin to the stuff thats what matters ..do you like it ...well do you if you do good if you dont thats fine to who cares what the hell they do with it its theres i my self think its some of the best stuff they have ever done i love it ive listen to about 50 times and its still fresh ..i think its a hit ....i love it its the stinky bomb

Personally, I had to read it a couple-three times to make sense. Since when is "the stinky bomb" something good?

Gotta get hip, one 'o these days.

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