Monday, May 03, 2004

So, yeah, epiphany day, waiting for the bus. In this weird fucking mellow mood, just strolling down the street, headphones, Oi!, sunlight and smiling and it hits me that there's more, y'know? More than the fucking job, more than the money bullshit, more than worrying about friendships and relationships, more than worrying about my guy or thinning hair. There's more, goddammit, and I could just about touch it today, put my fingertips right to it, stroke it, caress, pull it close, hold it tight. Almost.

Btw, the Beastie Boys are debuting (or maybe already have; dates were nebulous) their new shit on the goddamned motherfucking FOX t&a fest, The OC. Lousy little bitches have completely and fantastically sold out. Don't even think about supporting 'em. Piss on their shit that you already own. Wipe 'em from your memory. Soulless dickheads.

My whole epiphany is shot now. Assholes.


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