Monday, May 17, 2004

Heya kids-

Not much to say tonight. There's a six-pack of Hefeweizen and there's homemade snickerdoodles, so I'm pretty much out of the picture for the evening. There's a really good article on Dennis Kucinich in The NY Times, which I suggest you read, and I also suggest that you hold judgement on the "sarin" gas that came out of that roadside artillery shell in Iraq. It happened a couple of days ago, apparently, and the military hasn't turned it into a massive press release, so I think we can guess that any nerve gas inside is more the product of overactive imaginations than Saddam's vast secret underground WMD labs.

Also, hadda ride in the rain for the first time today, as I misjudged the weather as I left work. Not as bad as I thought it would be, except that I kept getting raindrops flying in behind my glasses. Can anybody out there explain that one?

All right, have a nice Tuesday, and I'll see you sometime whenever.

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