Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Heya kids. Sorry about the lack of updates the last few days. Work's been a bit of a bitch and my head is fairly dull by the time I make it home. Novel's been slacking as well. I think I need to get on a roadtrip sometime soon. Fast highway driving always seems to help these moods.

Oh, and the other thing that helps is the Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack. Man, that shit just kicks ass. Tricky fast jazz, clever arrangements...shit, one of the songs has a goddamned TUBA solo. Can't beat those nutty Japanese for, well, nuttiness. Not the anime guys, anyway. The business dudes, sure, I'd say your average Amero-European could beat a Japanese biz guy down for nuttiness in the spur of just about any kinda moment, up to and including the funerals of cherished loved ones. But not the anime guys. I don't think a one of you, out there, in the world, could throw a nuttiness beatdown on a Japanese anime guy. Unless you happen to BE a Japanese anime guy, in which case, you'd have to, shit, uh, out-nutty yourself. Which, being a Japanese anime guy, you probably could.


Oh, yeah, Kerry announced today that his first choice for Secretary of Defense is John McCain. And that, my friends, is one of the better things I've heard associated with this abortion of an election.

All right, I'm for outs. Oh, yeah, Billyhank gets his new cameraphone tomorrow, so if anybody's got any pic requests, lemme know and I'll post 'em up here.

Sleep well, children. Unca Billyhank's heading for cigarettes & sweet dreams. Have a pleasant day, and try not to throw any beatdowns that aren't all about being nutty.

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