Wednesday, August 13, 2003

At school, getting the last of the shit taken care of. One sign-off sheet to hand off to whoever and I'm officially no longer w/o some sort of degree. It's silly, and I'm too old for this to truly be momentous, but, shit, at least I can say that I pulled something off, right?

Don't mind me. I'm starving, waiting for Lori to finish a run so we can drink, and just kinda...dunno. Wishing, waiting, looking for the next launch point. Buttons and her stupid friend and The Young are lined up to be my new touchstones and that's got me...again, dunno. Nervous, excited, pissing myself for various reasons. Good things and sad things, but what mostly feels like right things, and really, so much of this life has seemed like wrong things, so chasing the right stuff just can't help but be a good idea, right?

All right, the Blogger Mac interface bites my balls, so I'm out. Enjoy thy evening, kidlins.

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