Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Darkness - It is harder to see at night. A gem from the Washington state driver's manual. What a fucking bore. I hafta show up with a bazillion pieces of ID and they're holding the potential for a road test over my head. Plus it costs like $20 to get a copy of a birth certificate. Boreborebore. Plus, for some damned reason, the page won't scroll. You've probably noticed that, right?

Right. Yer a smartie.

Somebody on the travel channel is waxing about $1,000,000 RV's. *GAH* What a fucking bore. Smiling retired midwesterners talking about how they don't have to leave anything at home when they travel, and a shot of guy opening a hatch on the side of his coach, reavealing a big ol' TV. Perfect for pulling in Home Improvement reruns off the satellite while you cook up some burgers on a public grill in a pull-thru in Arizona. Why, seriously, would you bother to travel if you're just going to take your house with you?

Silliness. Sheer silliness.


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