Tuesday, August 12, 2003

So, uh, just between you and me, don't you find that missing limbs turn you on? That amputees are sexy? That there's just something about that stumpy bit at the bottom of the knee where the rest of the leg should go that makes you catch your breath? No? Well, maybe you should think about that, 'coz amputee fetishism is totally hot right now. Sadomasochism is out, but leaving your leg in liquid nitrogen for two hours to freeze it off is, well, just damn sexy. Obviously.

What the fuck is going on with all this stuff? Between way too many articles glorifying missing limbs, digits and genitalia (if you truly feel like being horrified, check out this supposed interview with a nullo from globalapathy.com. The part that keeps haunting me is when Bill talks about how his lover and a friend removed his penis when he [Bill] was all tied up, remarking that "Some of the penis is inside the body, so he had to dig inside to get all of it. There was a lot of stitching up and stuff. He put my cock in the same jar with my balls."). Seriously, don't we have enough perversion of basic fucking out there? Can't we just be happy with fingers and tongues and penises and vaginas in whatever kinda combination? Do we have to push so far for stimulation that we move past pleasure, even past pain-as-pleasure, into a realm where we force the body to come up with new ways of reacting (apparently, a number of nullos have reported that they can still reach some sort of climax located within [or because of] the prostate. Which, of course, has inspired some of them to have their prostates removed as well. Of course.). If you google image search for 'nullo', you get the sample page for an amputee payporn site, with a number of catagories. Digit and limb amputees, female and male genital mutilation & removal, temporary nullification and what looked to be a process of removing the glans but leaving the rest of the penis intact (although what you'd need it for besides pissing at that point, I dunno).

I guess I'm just too straight to get this, really. There's a movie, WHOLE, that deals with this (the article up top mentions it and I read a review somewhere along the line) that I kinda wanna see, and kinda wanna run away from. I dunno why this is bothering me so damned much, although it's suddenly reminding me of a dream my pal Mondo told me he had, way back in high school or the first couple years of college. He dreamt that he was was peeling the muscle and skin from his lower leg, denuding the bone below the knee. He said there wasn't any pain, just a sense of relief and strength.

Y'know, Mondo is just the kinda guy to lose a limb. Probably not on purpose, though. He's just that kinda guy.


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