Sunday, June 06, 2004

Hey, y'all-

Yeah, haven't had much to write about, the last few days. Picked up my new bike (Diamondback Topanga, for those who know the bicycles) on Thursday and then had to walk it home from the U Village with a flat front tire. Immense pain in the ass, and not the greatest of all possible omens, but we'll see.

Also, went and saw the recut of DONNIE DARKO last night, and I must recommend it. More complete, I think, than the original. Perhaps a bit more convoluted, but more clear for that. Yeah, just go see it.

Also, found some funky, funky shit about the Church of Scientology at Operation Clambake. Now, this is of some concern for myself, as I work for and with a number of Scientologists, but, really, it's some pretty fucking scary reading for just about anybody out there who's got a thing about cults.

Plus, I have to admit, Scientologists apparently like to threaten people who say bad shit about their stuff, and, really, I could use the excitement. Somehow, I've got the feeling I could wipe the floor with any number of cultists, eerie mind powers or no...

Have fun, y'all, and I'll be back soon.

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