Monday, June 21, 2004

Okay, so, yeah, okay, it's been a few days. Sorry 'bout that.

See, I got this bike:

(MUCH better catalog pic can be found here)

And I've been blowing tires on it ever since (3 at this point, although one of them was Joe Young's fault as he managed to poke a hole in the tube on a test ride after adjusting the derailuer), which, really, has been keeping me busy as all hell. I shouldn't have had the tires off a new bike quite this many times, in my opinion.

Anyway, so here's a cool pic of south Lake Union as a storm front's rolling in (part of my walk from the bus stop to work):

And one of the fucking parking garage Paul Allen's building up the block from work. This one scares me, 'cause right now there's plenty of parking on Westlake Ave. N, and that he's putting up such a big structure makes me wonder what else he's got planned for the neighborhood. Oy:

Yeah, so between popped tires and storm fronts and parking garages, I've had a little too much going to worry about blogging. And then, just to nail it down, me n' Buttons took this car:

(Can you believe that thing's a Kia?)

...and headed South to her Dad's joint for Pappa's Day, where I ate fish and she ate pork and we played with the new puppy, Maggie:

...who is a helluva lot cuter than this pic might indicate. But she's squirmy and manic and nearly fucking impossible to get a picture of when you're A.)using a cameraphone & B.) trying to keep her from biting your nose off.

Yeah, okay, a cutesy post. There'll be something of substance next time, swear.

Have I mentioned that it's 90 trillion degrees in Seattle the last couple days? Yup. And nobody in this town's got a/c...

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