Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yeah, so that Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull Thingee? Holy shit, what a terrible, terrible, awful movie. Oh GOOD GOD it's bad.

Ya wanna know why?

Ring Ring Ring

Georgie! 'sup?

Steve, dude, I got it.

Got what?

Indy 4, I totally got it.

Lay it on me, bro.

Aliens, man. Fuckin' aliens.


Totally. Aliens. Aliens and all the CGI I got left over from the prequels.


Dude, trust me. Aliens. It'll kick ass.

*Sigh* Sure, why not. I'll call Harry...

Holy, holy, holy shit. Bad movie. DO NOT GO SEE. Don't even think about going to see. If you already have seen and thought "Well, that was okay..." you're wrong. Wrongity-wrong-wrong. Bad script, bad acting, bad pacing, bad effects, bad directing, bad music. BAD movie.

Holy cow. My brain hurts now.

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