Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Heya kids-

Not much that I'm pissed at right now ('sides the usual & constant, anyway). A Nightmare Before Christmas is on the Canadian channel and I'm waiting for it to be time to put on the noodles for the tuna casserole that'll be ready for when Buttons gets home from school and I just spent like 2-3 hours on the phone with the little sis, commiserating and realizing that, yes, Virginia, we do have one motherfucking fucked-up little family unit.

Dunno. Just a day. Rode the bus, worked, came home. Y'know, the shit you do to pass the time between gunfights, making love on the beach and the random coup de tat. Not even much on the web tonight, although I did find this @ readymademag.com, and printed it out fer Buttons-

'cause that actually looks kinda cool, and there's always a fair amount of vinyl to be sorted through 'round here.

And, of course-

The 4X4 Neon that went for $5,700 on ebay.

Yeah, just a day, really. Time to make some noodles. Have a nice night, y'all.

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