Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Man, been a little while since I posted, huh?

Sorry 'bout that. Xmas brought with it a new PS2, courtesy of Pops and Marian, so Billyhank's been neck deep in GTA Vice City and Final Fantasy X for the last week or so. And 'fore that, umm....shit, shut up. Fuck you. You're not my real dad.

Yeah, so I'm very worried about the stuff I posted below, 'bout News Corp (read: Rupert Murdoch/Fox Network) buying a controlling share of DirecTV. Just flipped past Fox News, which showed a very worried-looking reporter posted at Jr's Crawford ranch talking about the amount of time and money that's going to be spent over the next few days "protecting" the country from "terrorist" attacks. In the middle left of the screen was a gigantic graphic, blood red, reading TERROR LEVEL: HIGH or something to that effect. I flipped past the other news channels ('round here that's CNN, Headline News, MSNBC & CNBC), wondering if something new was going on. Nope. Nobody else was showing a similar graphic. Nobody else is buying into it, thank God.

So Ridge gets the word from the White House to bump the level of national paranoia (that, by the way, is the "chatter" that Ridge is always talking about that indicates whether to raise or lower the NORAD thing), 'cause Jr. probably thinks that he can keep coming up with bullshit to keep people scared for the next year, so he can slide through the '04 election. And, goddamit, he's probably right, 'cause all you shitheads are falling for it, aren't you? You're putting off plans and watching the newspaper and glancing through your peripheral vision at anybody in a turban and when News Corp puts out the big story that Air France is bringing terrorists from Paris to LA you swallow it whole, don't you? ('cause, of course those fucking frogs could care less 'bout terrorists striking good 'ol 'mmmmurica, right?) And so you're sitting around scared, thinking, "Jesus, what kind of shape will we be in if we don't have a strong man in the white house?" Instead of showing some balls and thinking, "Hmm, facism has risen in countries as 'civilized' as ours in the past, and the thin edge of the wedge that got the leaders into power was pretty much always a perceived threat that was amorphous and frightening and not easily pinned down and shown to the populace." 'Cause you can always keep a populace freaked out. When things are good, people are afraid that someone's jealous of their shit and so they get paranoid to defend it. When things are bad, people get all scared that they're going to lose their house or their job or their whatever and are willing to listen to anyone who'll tell 'em that there's a way out.

Eh, whatever. Look, your country's being taken away from you and you haven't done fuck all to stop it. So five years from now, when you're in federal custody for getting too mouthy about the president, fuck you and fuck you and fuck you. I hope your legs rot off before they stick you in front of a firing squad.

Seriously. Happy fucking new year.

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