Monday, December 08, 2003

Does it really go in the water? Yes! It most certainly does.

Operating the unit as a Yacht is simple. When entering the water the driver continues moving forward until the wheels float free of the ramp. The road transmission is placed into the neutral position and the marine transmission is placed into drive. Once in the water steering is done with a touch of a joy stick in the cockpit. A rudder angle indicator is located beside the rudder controls so you always know there the steering is set. The front wheels can be used in conjunction with the rudders to improve steering in the water if needed for tight maneuvering. An additional instrument is provided to indicate the angle of the front wheels for landing and turning.

*Sigh* Oh, fer fuck's sake.

Just in case, y'know, yer too fuckin' lazy to bring yer goddamned boat to the lake. And it's funny that the ad copy reads like Engrish; the company's in South Carolina.

Actually, I s'pose that explains it, huh?

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