Saturday, May 31, 2003

$170.00 + tax and I've got a new windshield. Gotta do it. The cracks I made at the bottom when I installed the wiper motor are coming into conjunction with the cracks I made at the top when I was whacking it to get the wipers moving before I replaced the motor, and I'm just waiting for playing-card size pieces of glass to fall in my lap when I accelerate down the highway. And there's a part of me that's looking forward to that, but not when it rains. If it rains, then it'll rain in my face, and I don't have wipers on my motherfucking glasses, which means that I'll crash and die, and the time for me to get excited about crashing and dying is looooooooooooooong past.


So, yeah, luckily last week was a good week, paycheck-wise, which means I've got the bread to go buy new glass. Not 'till Monday morning, though, which means I've gotta take the run down to Long Island today with a windshield that's on the hovering cusp of blowing into my face.



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