Thursday, May 29, 2003

MY MANTRA: "The Cross Bronx is slammed all the way from the GWB to Co-Op City with a police accident investigation closing down the lanes to 80/90, forcing all Upperdeck traffic onto 46...watch out on the Whitestone for construction in the right lane, you'll have better luck on the Throg's Neck...there's an illegal truck on the FDR southbound, guess nobody told him his wasn't allowed there, and traffic's backed up all the way from the 20's to 42nd street...watch out on the LIE eastbound where an accident is taking out two lanes...it's Murphy's Law on the Connecticut Turnpike this afternoon, with a tractor-trailer jackknifing Northbound at exit 24 in Fairfield just as a cleared accident was starting to ease up traffic Southbound at exit 25...backups go all the way down to exit 16 in Norwalk..."

My prayer cycle runs every ten minutes and in between I listen to the liberal fops talking trash about Jr. and doing in-depth stories about 3-card Monte dealers living the hard life in the slums of Mogadishu and the practioners of the long-lost art of playing music that needs to be explained for 20 minutes before it's used to twist up your eardrums like old tinfoil.

This is not meditative, at all.

This is an attempt to distill the macro from the micro, as the liberal fops have taken micro to an extreme that I have a difficult time believing began as deliberate. Also, I have to wonder why the effete intellectuals who run and listen to the liberal fops assume that Brit news is somehow more correct than American news, just because the Brits have accents and talk trash about everyone but the Brits.

Personally, I'm assuming they both answer to the same class of person (if not the exact same person), and that none of it should be trusted.

You know that. Act upon it. Read between the lines. Realize that ALL OF THEM ARE LYING TO YOU. They don't love you, they don't need you, they don't care about you. They want your dollars and your silent consent. They already own the planet. They just want you to understand it.

Don't throw bombs, children, but be prepared to.

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