Saturday, May 31, 2003

Just back from Jolie's Jack & Jill thing, which was as much fun as a BBQ in the rain could possibly have been. Drank my first beer in weeks and hung out with a jacked-up seven-year-old named Jacob and smoked many cigarettes and had a brief chat with Chris Gregory's dad, which was just uncomfortable. I haven't talked to Chris for, literally, years. Not since before he went nutty religious and headed for the west coast. But now I'm gonna be living not so far from him (Kent being just a little ride from Seattle), so I guess if I'm gonna get in touch with him, now would be the time.

We'll see. I have a hard enough time maintaining the constant relationships, never mind the weird ones that went south years ago.

Which reminds me; gotta call Al and Jen.

Right, out. Little drunk and need to...

Shit, I dunno. I'm just going.

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