Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Ho, Christ. 12 hours solid in the car. Final package was a dropoff @ Pratt & Whitney, scared the living hell out of the guy which didn't even come close to making it worth it. Flaked out w/Buttons on the phone, which isn't gonna do much for the relationship. Hey, baby. Smile fer yer angry boy, right?


That's my baby.

Yeah, so a day and a day at least. Getting me set up in my head to not give two shits about leaving. How could I not be psyched to kick myself outta this overpopulated semi-urban rich bitch hellhole? Seriously...to be ensconsed in an urban setting, but to live with a view of foliage, too many people, but without the need to fight them for road space, a whole new set of plazas and parks and shops and odd little spots to ferret out and explore, a thousand new places I can bring a notebook and a novel, benches and lawns and walls just laid out right, waiting for me to descend and bless them with my presence, a place that I can get on with the seriously fun job of living.

Wish my stupid friend was along for the ride.

Ah, well.

Out, and beat all to shit. Have a good night, kidlins.

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