Sunday, January 04, 2004

Animal rights groups are boiling mad. There's a new shell game being played in some Florida restaurants, allowing guests to grab their lobsters for dinner.

A machine known as "Lobster Zone" holds numerous delicious crustaceans and is a variation on the old "skill cranes" popular in most arcades. For $2 per try, patrons can use a joystick to move a grasping claw above the desired lobster. If captured, the lobster is swung into position, dropped into a bucket and taken into the kitchen. Those lucky or skillful enough can get a lobster dinner for just a fraction of the menu price.

A group known as the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida has been protesting "Lobster Zone" because they feel it is cruel to make a game of picking a lobster for lunch."

No particular thoughts on this one. Just figured I should post it up. Seems like something that should've started in Japan.

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