Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Snow day in Jet City, so we played hooky. Y'know, I told everyone that I'd bring the Northeast to the Northwest and they all just smiled and nodded and said "Sure, Billyhank, sure. You think what you need to," and here we are with four or five rapidly melting inches on the ground and the Counterbalance, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne and half of Bellvue closed off due to heavy ice.

I stand smugly by my previous statements. Hope I didn't kill anyone.

Pretty, though. Buttons & I wandered up to the bread store next to People's Mercantile and got some kinda kickass asiago/pesto/something else tasty kinda bread and I made the girl behind the counter feel bad by telling her the plows weren't really running up Sand Point Way (and, yeah, I'm feeling pretty shitty about that, thank you) and then walked home on the Burke Gilman, which is prettier than I can tell. If you live here then you probably know the trail and up here it's miles of paved forest with road noise coming at you over the treetops but nothing around buy trees and plants and fellow bikers and joggers and strollers. It's sucha pretty city, y'all. I mean, it's too crowded, so don't move here (Richie, MikE!, D, HR, the lil sis, etc. excepted, naturally), but goddamn, occasionally, it just flattens your ass.

Great news footage of folks sledding down the Counterbalance, the coolness of Jet City indicated by cops parked at the bottom, making sure that traffic stayed clear. This is part of what I'm loving about this place, that folks would get it into their heads to sled down a major thoroughfare and that the muni controllers would back them up on it. West Coast breeziness as opposed to East Coast tension.

Really, the joint's starting to feel like home.

Okay, out. Chasing Amy is on and the joint needs cleaning. Have a nice night, kids, and I'll check in on y'all soon.

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