Monday, February 23, 2004

Hey there, y'all. Just back from the movies, a little romp called The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra which, judging by IMDB's listing, is a lot older than I thought it was. Ah, well. Behind the curve again. If it comes to your town you might think about checking it out. Darn funny stuff. "Quickly! Bend yourself in the middle!" An excellent line, really.

Nothing much going on, really. Had (potential) band practice yesterday and the one song that we've been beating on the last couple of weeks is taking on some kinda rough shape. Steff's drummer pal is due into Jet City sometime in the next couple weeks, so we'll see if it coalesces into something worth packing up and hauling up on stage in some kinda bar or another. Need a singer, though. Thinking about maybe Psycho James, or Steff's boy. Same theory with each one, really; utterly fearless overgrown boys who don't mind fists and have a highly developed and broad sense of humor. We'll see if it makes sense to bring anyone in.

Yeah, not much else. A note here 'cause I'm feeling out of touch with my folks back in the NE, been getting home to late to call East Coasters. Miss you, boys & girls. Wishing life was more like Laverne & Shirley, y'know?

Out. Talk to you tomorrow.

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