Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Hey there, y'all. It's a Jr-hating day here in Maison Billyhank/Buttons, just because, 'y'know, the fucker's pretty hateable. Sick as a dog, so I'm here in my pj's @ 10:30, listening to Howard Dean drop out of the Dem nomination race. Which is kinda sad, as I appreciate Dr. Dean's enthusiasm, but I have to admit, I never really felt it, y'know? All the screaming and caterwaling I liked, but the smugness, the pointless ego and the seeming inability to take either himself or the campaign more seriously kinda killed him for me as a candidate. And I'm a bit sad that Kucinich is going to sink without a trace. I like the man's stance, his actually realistic view on Iraq, domestic bullshit and the economy. Glad he's still in Congress, though.

Here's a goodly long and interesting list of things to know about Bush and his regime, including his gutting of pretty much every possible enviromental law, handing money to rich folks that could be used to support poor folks during a near-record unemployment and how his foreign policy is pretty much just a practical application of the Project for a New American Century's strategy paper, which, as you may know, calls for nothing less than expansion into the Middle East. Surprise, surprise. You may have to scroll down, but go here to read up on all the things that'll make you grind your teeth.

Just for a little guerilla fun, go here and post up a bad review of this book. Not that it's right to judge something before you've given it a chance, but, well...sometimes it is. Go.

If you give a fuck at all about the soldiers (MikE!, I know this is you), then check this shit out:

Under the guise of "privacy rules," the Pentagon is blocking DAV (Disabled American Veterans) reps from contacting disabled soldiers shipped back from Afghanistan or Iraq(). Instead, DAV national service officers (NSOs) must work hard to seek out and identify the wounded. Even when they do, however, the new Bush rules dictate that these veterans or their families must first ASK for help before the DAV can offer it. Trouble is, because the military and the VA have been instructed NOT to tell soldiers/vets of their rights and possible benefits, a high percentage of soldiers do not know that there is any help to ASK for. A vicious Catch-22. Here is a paragraph from the Jan/Feb print edition of DAV magazine:

"Disabled veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are mostly unaware of their rights as veterans and, acting without representation, some have accepted less than their disabilities warranted. Few are aware of free DAV representation that will help them obtain their full and rightful benefits."

The DAV was especially outraged when it discovered that it wasn't even allowed to visit soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital unless the patients were "pre-selected" for them! Incredible!

And so on and so forth. I was trying to find the list of "216 things I am not allowed to do" by some Marine posted somewhere where he can mess with the Russians, which was the funniest thing I've read in some time, but I can't dig it up. If you have any idea of what the fuck I'm talking about, mail the link to brasscitystatic@hotmail.com, please.

All right, I'll be back later. There's all kinds of shit I'm pulling up today.

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