Wednesday, February 04, 2004

"A lot of people have misperceptions about Hooters, but we try to appeal as a fun place for everyone,'' Sharp said. "We give balloons to children; we have a kids' menu. Our staff is told to cater to wives and children before the husbands. This is not an inappropriate atmosphere for a family meal.''

Williams said he will try to convince the Board of Education today that his daughter, Laura, should be allowed to keep her job at the Hooters on Ga. 204 at I-95 in west Chatham County.

Williams' 17-year-old daughter (center, above), in fact, who's working the front desk at Hooters as part of a school-sanctioned work-study program. The school has suddenly decided that perhaps Hooters ain't the best place to send their youngin's, but the girl's pappy disagrees. He seems to think that a place which dresses up their female wait staff in short-shorts and tank tops is a proper enviroment for his kid to grow and develop.

Does this seem all kinds of backwards to anyone else?

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