Monday, August 30, 2004

"Like any other gathering of people that might get out of control, I feel the need to lay down some ground rules. Pay attention. There will be a quiz later.

1. Have fun, but don't go doing shit that's going to hurt other people.

2. Do something genuinely nice for someone. I don't mean give to a beggar in the subway. That's a cheap and easy fix. Do something for someone you haven't talked to in a while. Go visit someone you might think is lonely. Give because you want to, not because you feel guilty. Trust me, the mood will strike you.

3. Do what the hell you feel like doing, but default to rule 1.

4. Call bullshit on things you think are total crap. Have no fear.

5. Respect one another enough to listen to one another. Fight only when there is a pit filled with Reverend J.D. approved oatmeal, mud or exotic oils.

6. Take care of yourself. Drink, smoke, eat what you will -- but take care of yourselves, for you are my flock and I need you to pay off my bar tab.

7. No one talks about fight club. "

A partial list of the ten commandments of the Church of the Super Awesome, which is, somewhere, inspired by the Saint of Killers. One for you MikE!, Gracia, Chris. Enjoy...

WIlliam Handkerchief: very good post here. I think that the use of words as "crap" or "shit" cause other to want to use them too. Problem. Reason is, that then everyone uses them and the result is bad language used everywhere. Less interesting and more misunderstandings, creating fights. Overall though, hahah...oatmeal was a nice touch. -
Thank you for the kind words and gentle admonishment, anonymous sir, but I canna take credit for the post. If you'll click the red text, you'll go to from whence it came.

That said, however, yeah, that all coulda been mine. Which means that either that guy's my soulmate, or I'm a whole lot less fucking of a unique and special snowflake, goddammit.
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