Thursday, August 05, 2004

Republican Sen. John McCain, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam, called an ad criticizing John Kerry's military service 'dishonest and dishonorable' and urged the White House on Thursday to condemn it as well.

The White House declined.

'It was the same kind of deal that was pulled on me,' McCain said in an interview with The Associated Press, comparing the anti-Kerry ad to tactics in his bitter Republican primary fight with President Bush.

The 60-second ad features Vietnam veterans who accuse the Democratic presidential nominee of lying about his decorated Vietnam War record and betraying his fellow veterans by later opposing the conflict.

'When the chips were down, you could not count on John Kerry,' one of the veterans, Larry Thurlow, says in the ad. Thurlow didn't serve on Kerry's swiftboat, but says he witnessed the events that led to Kerry winning a Bronze Star and the last of his three Purple Hearts. Kerry's crewmates support the candidate and call him a hero.

The ad, scheduled to air in a few markets in Ohio, West Virginia and Wisconsin, was produced by Stevens, Reed, Curcio and Potham, the same team that produced McCain's ads in 2000.

'I wish they hadn't done it,' McCain said of his former advisers. 'I don't know if they knew all the facts.'

Asked if the White House knew about the ad or helped find financing for it, McCain said, 'I hope not, but I don't know. But I think the Bush campaign should specifically condemn the ad.'

This is the kind of stuff that makes me respect John McCain, no matter how many of his opinions I might disagree with. He's just honorable, and that's something that's sorely lacking amongst the electorate these days.

That said, he IS running Bush's campaign in Arizona, which kinda makes me wonder if I should be standing up for him. Also, didn't Arizona vote down a measure making MLK's birthday a holiday? Wonder which side McCain was on. Hmm. Gonna have to go look this one up. Letcha know later.

like PE says "By the time I get to Arizona..."

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