Monday, March 29, 2004

Y'know, I was going to post a whole big rant about American troops shutting down an Iraqi newspaper 'cause the GI's didn't like what the paper was printing, and then go into the whole thing about how this is suddenly 1984 and How Can You Create An American-Style Democracy Without Granting American-Style Rights and all that cal, but, shit, do we really care anymore?

Seriously, talking to the people at work and I say Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Brehmer, Condy Rice, etc, and I just get these blank stares, these faintly nodding heads that don't mean "yeah, I know what you're talking about" but rather "yeah, go ahead and act shocked, Billyhank, and start lecturing." Which, yes, I will do if I'm under the slightest impression that people I know well enough to yell at are grossly un-informed about the people and events that shape their lives. But I'm tired of it, truly. What's the point? The Fundy Christian guy at work (the one who listens to Slayer even though he's Born Again, 'cause he's "not listening to the words, just the music" which, to me, seems like the beginning of the slippery slope, for those who believe in the eternal fires of H-E-double-toothpicks...) interrupted one of my rants (on, I believe, the overt bullshit of Condy Rice un-willingness to appear in public and under oath before the 9/11 hearings) by saying "That's why I don't get involved; I can't do nothing, so why should I care?"

Goddamn. I just wanted to whack him with the fucking circular saw.

Y'know, a handful of people hijacked the 2000 election and, essentially, staged a legal coup de tat that overthrew the lawfully elected President before he'd even had a chance to take his proper role. And those same people have, since then, proceeded to turn this country into the Dystopia sci-fi hacks were writing about about in the 70's. And this fathead God-Spouting, Bible-Thumping, Queer-Bashing mindless dickhead has the gall to just sit back on his fat fucking ass (really, fat ass; the man's gonna die soon, he doesn't drop a few dozen pounds) and shrug and say "It might be an effort for me to try and change things, so, fuck it."

Bah. All right, I need to head for bed. Tired of this shit, of these apathetic sacks of lazy shit, tired of people living intimidated and stupid, tired of nobody caring that the intelligence and morality of this country has slid to Fox-Network levels since Jr's regime came in to power.

Just, tired.


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