Monday, March 15, 2004

Osama bin Laden narrowly escaped capture by French troops working with American forces in Afghanistan, perhaps several times, the head of France's armed forces said Monday.

"Our men were not very far," Gen. Henri Bentegeat told France's Europe-1 radio station. "On several occasions, I even think that he slipped out of a net that was well closed."

Meanwhile, U.S.-led troops surprised eight enemy fighters in a cave complex in southeastern Afghanistan, prompting a gunbattle in which three militiamen were killed and five others were wounded, the American military said Monday.

The fighting was the first reported by the U.S. military since the March 7 start of a new sweep for insurgents and terror leaders, including bin Laden and Taliban chief Mullah Mohammed Omar.

You've noticed, I'm sure, that there hasn't been any real movement against Osama for the last couple of years and that suddenly, right before the election, there're a ton of reports saying that he's been captured, that he's on the lam, etc, etc. Ever get the feeling that you're being hugely manipulated?

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