Tuesday, March 16, 2004

The Bush Administration is being investigated for producing “ready made” television news packages in which actors were paid to pose as journalists, it emerged today.

“TV news releases” were sent to local stations to be run as part of main news programmes.

But Federal investigators have launched an investigation into whether the adverts were “propaganda”, amid allegations that they were an attempt to “manipulate the press”.

The “news” packages praised a new law, signed by the president in December, which the White House has said will make it easier for elderly American’s to obtain prescribed medicines.

In some of the features, there are pictures of Mr Bush receiving a standing ovation from a crowd as he signed the “Medicare” law.

The packages were produced by the Department of Health and Human Services, but news viewers would have no way of knowing they were watching a Government-produced story, rather than an independent news report.

I'd LIKE to be screaming my ass off about this one, but I can't find verification anywhere (found this on Scotsman.com via FARK). The article goes on to say that the GAO is investigating this dealie and that the Department of Health and Human Services has long dropped packages like this into otherwise valid...er...well, news reports that are as valid as news reports actually are. Which isn't to say that news reports tell the truth, or even all of what you should hear, but, well, shit...uh...there's a few laws, anyway, that kind of support the idea of the journalists telling the truth.

Shit. Never mind. Bush is an asshole. Over and out.

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