Sunday, August 22, 2004

Quite honestly, I'm not sure whether to be psyched or horrified:

FIGHT CLUB, the video game.

I'd like to just dis it out of hand, but I watched some of the E3 video and I have to admit that it looks pretty cool. Even a shot of Big Bob with his bitch tits and baggy sweatshirt. Now, why they've decided to market a five-year-old cult flick as a video game is behind my reasoning to comprehend, but I guess there's a lot of Chuck P. fans out there who double as video game nerds.

For release in October, 2004 -- Xbox & PS2. Probably worth at least a rental. MikE!, Richie, c'mon out for Thanksgiving and I'll beat your pixelated heads into the virtual cement. It'll be like old times in the Brass City, 'cept we can't wake up Buttons. She's a terror if you wake her up too early.

I an MikE's synapses firing in thousands of directions.

This game will be mine!!
I am Billyhank's slight query, unsettled stomach & receeding hairline.

Hey, did you read STRANGER THAN FICTION yet?
I am MikE's illiteracy! :(
I am Billyhank's rapidly twitching caffeine-reacting eyebrow. I am Billyhank's late-night prowling endochrine system. I am Billyhank's biological self-destruct sequence.

Read STRANGER THAN FICTION, MikE! Fine commentary from a man who's just a bit more intimidating closer up than further away.
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