Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Also, me want:

To quote waymaking:

Hi from Will of New Zealand and as i said you won't believe my next project and here it is the starwars style "hovering jetbike",the most dangerous hunk of junk in the galaxy , this terrifying machine is a real working hoverbike , a true adrenalin rush to ride

And my favorite line:

This machine and trailer is sold as is , no warranty for machine or your life

Currently on eBay, starting bid of $6,000, which seems pretty damned reasonable for a...a...shit, I'm sorry, I have no good metaphor. And even though you'll probably have to bribe every customs official between Australia & L.A. to get the thing into the country, I still think it's a helluva bargain.

And, of course, absolutely perfect for exploring the coast of Kitsault (see below), which would make it a perfect gift for your soon-to-be mayor.

And, hell, my birthday's coming. Go, bid, now.

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