Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Okay, this is a little disgusting. Buttons has been sick for the last couple of days, sneezing, coughing, feverish, etc. Very sad. Poor lil' Buttons. But in the process, she's managed to do this:

My friends, I give you a wastebasket filled to the brim with almost nothing but snot-covered kleenex. (Actually, snot-covered toilet paper; we're not fancy folk).

More than slightly nauseating (sorry, Richie...shoulda put up a warning), and the problem is, how do I get rid of it? I mean, really, would you want to pick up a wastebasket full of sickness-causing microbes and shake 'em up by pouring 'em into a garbage bag?

And, hmm, I have to wonder if all those germs are feeding off each other, breeding, creating strains of supergerms that are gonna get all jostled up when I go to dump the can, come running up my arms, do suicide plunges into eyes/nose/mouth, infest my delicate insides, breed in great multitudes, create fever, mucous, cold sores, pus, puke, the turboshits, before spilling out of my assorted orifi and spreading like bad rumors, slowly but surely destroying the populace of this polite, quiet town.


Anybody got any ideas? I can hear Buttons blowing fresh snot, even from here...

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