Monday, September 06, 2004

Just when you thought conspicuous consumerism was done with:

The iPod goes for $300-$400. The holder (that kinda ugly, clunky gray thing in which the iPod pictured above is resting) goes for $149. Exclusive from 'The Smoking Man Collection' (that's that little logo embossed in the front corner there), not only does the iPod holder y'know, hold your iPod, it also "ships in high-quality wood and textile packaging", just to make sure that it's properly stored for its inclusion in your estate.

Also available from this collection: a $75 card holder, a $120 12-slot CD holder, and a $90 pen plate, which is, of course, a flat hunk of aluminum which "is meant to display and store your most prized writing instruments." By which I'm assuming they do not mean your collection of Sharpies and two-dollar .01 drafting markers.

Y'know, Buttons says I'm about the sourest person she knows. With this kind of crap choking the good taste out of the planet, how could I not be?

Probably it for the night. Have a fun Tuesday, y'all.

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