Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Me want, me want, me want:

Kitsault, BC, about 800 klicks north of Vancouver. Why do me want? To quote Yahoo:

The 322-acre ghost town with 2.5 kilometers of waterfront boasts 90 houses and seven apartment buildings with ocean and mountain views, two recreation centers with a pool, a library and a curling rink, a mall with coolers and shopping carts intact, a post office, and even a small hospital equipped with an X-ray machine and operating equipment still wrapped in plastic for storage

Yup, it's a ghost town, abandoned by the mining company that built it to house its workers, and up for sale to the paltry tune of $5.5 million USD.

Which, let's face it, is pretty damned paltry these days. There's probably a few dozen houses worth more than that just across the lake from my apartment. So, really, it would be stupid to not buy the town for such a measly sum, right?


Okay, everybody pony up and we'll have our own joint, in which we will have, natch, our own rules. Or lack thereof. Pretty much everything's legal in Canada, right?

Yeah, cool. Let's go. I call mayor.

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