Saturday, April 24, 2004

Heya kids. It's a bee-yoo-tiful Saturday in Jet City, so it's time for some fun & games on the web. I've gotta head down to the U Village at some point this morning to pick up a b-day present for a pal, but before then, I promise to dig up at least THREE fun things for you to do on the web, next time you come see me.

First up:

A questionnaire for all the mind control agents out there. Now, since I assume that anybody here is one of the controllers and not one of the controllees, you're invited to go over and fill out this fella's q & a. You may as well, because if you slip and put something in there he shouldn't know, shit, you can just go back and erase his memory later, right?

Just don't tell him that the actual transceiver is implanted in his ass. These guys always pull the fake outta their skulls and figure they're done. Ah, the simple folk. Okay, that's activity #1. Go have fun.

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