Saturday, April 24, 2004

Round 2:

Ultimate flash Sonic. Y'know, I haven't played any of the Sonic games since I had my Sega Genesis, but playing this is making me remember why I blew so many hours watching a little blue hedgehog whip around all those fucked-up levels.

Just too much goddamned fun, really.

Also, GROW, which you've probably already played, as it's been floating around for a while. If you haven't go check it out now, 'cause, really, it's just fucking bizarre, and damned cool. (Tip: once you get frustrated trying to get everything levelled up, just keep clicking the icons after the round has ended. If memory serves, the icons will keep levelling, but your score will stay the same. And really, who cares about the score? S'all about the animations, baby).

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