Sunday, April 25, 2004

We, Buttons & I, have Halloween lights strung all over the balcony and have since, uh, Halloween-ish, I guess, and I'm sitting here and to my right are the big windows that look out on the porch and the orange lights are burning and the night air is cooling the living room and Teen Titans are having their adventures, there's iced coffee in front of me, cars are zipping by on Sand Point Way, my stomach is full, Buttons is sleeping, I still need to do dishes and pack my bag for the morning, and everything is just right, for the moment.

Also, I got through the last mission of VICE CITY yesterday (I know, I know, but I only got the PS2 in January and I've been busy) and about a week-and-a-half ago I got my first barbershop haircut in ten years. Billyhank is no longer the halfass skinhead he's been since 23. And, yeah, the Chin might have gone bald first, but I'm catching up pretty fucking quick. Figure I've got three years of faking it before I get myself back down to skin.

Nothing really to write about, to be honest. Buttons & I were talking about seeing Kill Bill Vol. 2 today but her past life interceded so that didn't happen, work's been suck-my-ass hellish for the last few weeks, for no real reason, so that's been grinding me down. Just the minutia of daily life, I'm supposing. The tiny, trivial things that barely matter and still manage to throw you into a killing rage. Doing laundry; losing your seat on the bus; arguing with your boss. That kind of shit.

Ah, enough. Things are okay now. Talked to the Chin this morning and he's doing better than I thought he was. CD's out and available (btw, Chin, MikE!, when you read this, it's your reminder to SEND ME SOME FRIGGIN' CD'S), although the process of getting them was a bit of a fuckarow. Also, it sounds like the punk-rock-singing-acoustic comp is ticking over nicely. I know the Chin & Screaming Al have some guys signed up already: Joey Shithead (D.O.A.), Henry Cluney (STIFF LITTLE FINGERS), Sab Gray (IRON CROSS). Some good shit. Cross yer fingers for 'em.

All right, the coffee isn't doing shit for me and I'm seeing double. Good fuck, it's only like 10:30. Somebody just shoot me now.

My love to the wife & kids-


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