Saturday, April 03, 2004

Really, I've got just one thing to say today:


Somebody finally wised up and built the world the Akira bike. Seriously, why the hell did it take this long? I've got no idea if it really runs (site's in Japanese and Billyhank is barely literate in English), but there're pics of a bare chassis showing a complete-looking drivetrain. Only going to the rear wheel, though. I guess Canada's aftermarket two-wheel drive conversion was too much for these engineers to pull off.

But, really, I need one of these, kiddos. NEED one of them. I know that this would be the right bike for me 'cause, really, I just recently realized how much I want a motorcycle. So, okay, all you lottery people who commonly read this site are on notice. The weather's getting beautiful here in the Pac Northwest, so it's time for somebody with way too much money to send one of these my way.

Oh, and, yeah, I'll need one of these to go with it, naturally, size 2XL, Long:

Thanks y'all. Now, who's got the TRON light cycles?

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