Sunday, April 18, 2004

Curious as to why I'd post a picture of this man on my blog?

Yeah, me too.

Click the pic for the story of how & why a pudgy, middle-aged nerd would expend the time, effort & expense to construct a first-class TRON costume for something called the "Penguicon". Also, for many, MANY pictures of this man posing for the camera in a unitard, making a funny face and presenting a near-perfect example of male-pattern baldness. Really, the pics make it all worth it. I mean, you'll be horrified, but you'll laugh, too. Although, if you're at work, you might have some explaining to do. And I'd stay away from the fetish answer if I were you.

Then again, if I were you, I wouldn't click on the pic. Some things are just too goddamned weird to see the light of day.

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