Wednesday, November 05, 2003

FRANKLIN — Police Chief Jackie Moore said Franklin officers should discontinue the practice of issuing citations to people who flash their headlights to warn other motorists about a speed trap.

Moore's decision came yesterday shortly after a Williamson County judge dismissed the city of Franklin's case against a man who flashed a warning and was charged and found guilty of interfering with a police officer's performance of duty. He appealed.

Judge Russ Heldman dismissed the city's ruling that Harlie ''Bill'' Walker, 75, violated a Franklin ordinance Aug. 14, when he flashed his lights at oncoming traffic to let drivers know there was a police car ahead.

''It's my constitutional right to blink my lights, and the city of Franklin overturned that right,'' Walker said. ''I'm overjoyed this (hearing) ended in my favor.''

Two things I love about this: 1.) More revenue-building, speed-trap bullshit (ala Rome, Ohio) has been kiboshed, at least slightly, and 2.) the guy who did it, got ticketed for it and got off is 75 years old. Man, that just gives me some warm fuzzies about growing up, y'know?

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