Wednesday, November 19, 2003

A mobile phone campaign to disrupt photo opportunities set up during the US President's visit to Britain has been set up by protestors.

The organisers, Chasing Bush, have put up thousands of leaflets encouraging people to use camera phones and text messaging to pinpoint Mr Bush's whereabouts during his visit. These will then be posted on the group's website.

The intention is to mobilise people to disrupt publicity shots by gatecrashing photographs and other stage-managed media operations.

"We are trying to spoil the PR, so we are not doing anything directly, but encouraging people to protest by turning their backs in press photos so they can't be used," campaign co-organiser Mr Richard Wild explained.

Remember real protests? Thrown rocks and tear gas and an actual chance at change? I'm glad that people are not just accepting Jr's naked PR campaign, but what happened to having a voice? When did we become so fearful? When did we become so pathetic?

Buncha pansies, really.

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