Thursday, November 06, 2003

BOSTON -- Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will present a new invention Monday that helps people improve their memory without doing anything.

Most people wear glasses to see better, but a new pair developed by MIT scientist is a bit more high-tech.

...Whatever you need to remember is programmed into a tiny computer that you wear. The computer sends messages in the form of light to a mini TV screen on the glasses. The messages -- like someone's name, or a word like keys or medicine -- flash before your eyes at 180th of a second. It's too fast for the eyes to notice, but not the brain.

Dude, think about how much you could fuck with someone if you hacked their database? Speaking of which, what about the concept of a getting a virus in your implanted computer? When all the tech gear you've got jumpered into your central nervous system gets all skritchy and you've got to find a doctor who can pump you full of anitbiotics and reboot your onboard OS?


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