Sunday, November 23, 2003

It was billed as a quiet pub lunch in the English countryside: a chance for President George Bush to mix with ordinary folk, sample traditional fish and chips and enjoy a kitchen-table chat at the constituency home of his friend and ally, Tony Blair.

The political fiction was always going to be hard to maintain, but even by the standards of the President of the United States of America - and a Texan at that - Friday's visit to Sedgefield was quite a performance.

Two jumbo jets, two liveried presidential helicopters, four more US Navy helicopters, a motorcade of limousines, 200 US secret service agents and 1300 English police were required to unite Mr Bush safely with his fish and mushy peas. Total cost? £1 million ($2.3 million).

Asshole, asshole, asshole. Still the rich kid, not having any real idea of monetary reality, figuring that $2 million is well worth a photo op.

Seriously, does he think that none of us are paying attention?

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